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Extra DVD Creator can help you create your own DVD discs
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Extra DVD Creator can help you create your own DVD discs. This way, you can make many types of contents readable on DVD devices. The application has an intuitive interface; therefore, you will hardly have any difficulties to use it.

Although the program supports various popular input formats, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, QT and MOV, many other formats are not allowed. Unfortunately, the only editing operation you can perform with this tool is trimming. For this purpose, you just need to drag the handles to set the initial and end frames of the fragment to extract. Unlike most similar applications, Extra DVD Creator does not allow creating menus for your discs.

The two main TV color standards, NTSC and PAL, are supported. In case your system has various DVD burning devices, you can choose the one that you want to use. However, it is not necessary to burn the created contents onto a disc right away because you can also save them to a folder. It is a shame that such a popular format as ISO is not supported.

I regret to say that I cannot recommend Extra DVD Creator. Apart from its intrinsic conceptual limitations, it also seems to have some bugs, which led to frequent program crashes and error messages.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use
  • It supports trimming the source movies
  • It lets you save the contents to a folder


  • It supports a limited range of input formats
  • It does not allow creating DVD menus
  • It does not support saving to ISO image files
  • It crashed while I was using it
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